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Welcome To The Land Of Nothing is The Tracys’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed The Tracys in the past but they are back with a new Album and this is what I think about it.

Welcome To The Land Of Nothing is The Tracys’ Album Out Now

This album is really beautiful and unleashes a punk energy that makes you feel free.

While listening to these songs I went out on the street and gave the middle finger to people passing by.

If you start listening to these songs your wildest instinct awakens and you abandon all social conventions and finally reveal yourself for who you really are.

Try to imagine a small room full of guys dancing and drinking beer. Try to smell the vomit on the sofas and armpits. This is real music. It’s not “laminated” like the sound that dominates the charts today.

The Tracys are here to entertain us with their irreverent punk tunes. The pace is pressing and you can’t help but let yourself go.
If you want to relive CBGB’s vibes you have to listen to Welcome To The Land Of Nothing.

The Tracys are amazing and I sincerely hope this isn’t really their last album.

Welcome To The Land Of Nothing is The Tracys’ Album Out Now!

Pure Punk!

Welcome To The Land Of Nothing is The Tracys’ Album Out Now

Approaching their 10th anniversary, The Tracys just released their fourth and final full length album, appropriately named Welcome To The Land of Nothing available on all streaming platforms. No somber affair, the record is jam packed with The Tracys’ signature joyful and aggressive punk rock sound laced with humor, and packed with blistering musicianship.

Known for their heart pounding, fan friendly live shows, The Tracys never quite got over the hump of international fame, but they sure gave punk rock lovers with a hunger for old school ripping guitars and a thunderous rhythm section their money’s worth and then some.

The Album was produced remotely by founding member and drummer, Matt Ernst (The Sparkles, Win Win, Cash Registers, Titanic) and longtime friend and co-writer Mike Abiuso at Behind The Curtains Media Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Band founder and guitar slinger, Dave Klym ( The Populars, Mike Plume Band, Itch, Win Win, Titanic) wrote and recorded the original demos in Allentown PA and sent them to Matt and Mike who fleshed them out into the sonic bombs you hear today.

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