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Wexford is Dirty Habit’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wexford bursts onto the scene with their new single Dirty Habit, a track that’s pure 90s alt-rock revival.

Wexford is Dirty Habit’s Single Out Now

The opening arpeggiated riff instantly evokes the spirit of bands like Staind, conjuring a wave of nostalgic emotions.

The melody is pure gold. Each guitar note feels like a drop of autumn rain, melancholic yet strangely comforting. The lyrics delve deep, exploring themes that leave you feeling vulnerable, like a feather caught in a whirlwind of autumn leaves.

There’s a brilliant build-up before the chorus. The song strips down momentarily, creating a vacuum that amplifies the impact of the distorted guitars when they kick back in. It’s a wall of sound that’s powerful and emotionally resonant.

The vocals deserve special praise. There’s a raw, unadulterated quality here, a clear absence of studio manipulation. It’s pure, unfiltered emotion, perfectly capturing the intensity of the song’s message.

“Dirty Habit” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience. A potent dose of 90s alt-rock nostalgia wrapped around beautifully crafted melodies and raw emotion.

Wexford is Dirty Habit’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Intense!

Wexford recorded it’s first studio album “OK Suburbia” with a different lineup. Andy and Dave rotated duties on guitar/vocals/drums. Shawn and Jeff joined founding members Andy and Dave in the Spring of 2023 to solidify Wexford’s rhythm section. the first full-length album of this new iteration will be released June 2024. “Silent Key”

“Dirty Habit” is one of two tracks reimagined from “Ok Suburbia” that will be released on “Silent key.” It’s sound is a direct reflection of what the new members added to the band.

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