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What?! (Radio Edit) is Hello Amnesia’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Hello Amnesia in the past but these guys are back with a new cool single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

This song is intense and can speak directly to your wildest and most rock spirit.

A classic ballad that brings with it the freedom of the 70s, a song that makes me want to escape and wander around the world not giving a damn about everyone.

This is the music I like, direct and sincere capable of arousing real emotions. This result is possible because these guys have left sweat and blood on the instruments. Their passion is contagious and each note contains moments of joy, and sadness that Hello Amnesia shared together. Their lives are in these notes and their music is true and real.

What ?! (Radio Edit) is a perfect song, masterfully produced and interpreted. Ten out of ten.

What?! (Radio Edit) is Hello Amnesia’s Single Out Now!

Refined and Mature!


What?! (Radio Edit), is the third and final single off Hello Amnesia’s debut EP ‘Retrograde’ (out May 13th). This ‘Angry Waltz’ is the only track on the EP in 6/8 and is driven by a consistent piano line throughout – think ‘Singing in the Rain’ meets ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

What?! dives into the everyday thought process that occurs when stuck in a frustrating relationship situation that just doesn’t make sense and all you want is to be set free. It’s the storm before the calm, the first steps to freedom – the ‘I’m pissed off, and not going to do anything about it just yet, but that’s ok, we’ll get there eventually’ song.

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