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What You Did To Me is Natalie Claro’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Natalie Claro’s latest single, “What You Did To Me,” is an instant auditory delight that captures the listener with the artist’s captivating voice.

What You Did To Me is Natalie Claro’s Single Out Now

With unmistakable retro overtones, Claro brings a unique and intriguing quality to her music, transporting audiences to a different era.

From the first notes, it’s evident that Natalie Claro possesses a voice that stands out. The retro overtones in her vocals add a layer of sophistication and nostalgia, creating a sound that feels classic and refreshingly modern.

It’s as if Claro has effortlessly woven a sound that transcends time, arriving with a style that seems to belong to a bygone era yet remains relevant and compelling.

The compositional style of “What You Did To Me” is truly refined. The song’s arrangements are skillfully crafted, with a gradual build that adds to the overall intensity.

The inclusion of choirs enhances the sonic landscape, providing a rich and dynamic backdrop to Claro’s mesmerizing vocals.

The song itself exudes intensity, delivering a nostalgic and charming experience. As the artist navigates through the lyrics, there’s a depth and sincerity in her delivery that makes the words believable and relatable.

Natalie Claro emerges as an artist to watch closely because she delivers high-quality music that defies easy categorization.

What You Did To Me is Natalie Claro’s Single Out Now!


What You Did To Me is Natalie Claro’s Single Out Now

Natalie Claro, LA-based artist, writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

At times, the only one to blame for anger is ourselves, and I needed to release all my insecurities in the lyrics to set them free. When performing this, I’ve told the crowd that loving yourself is essential; If others see our happiness, maybe they’ll do the same.” – Natalie Claro

Claro has continued to develop her music and career. Following her debut, she has released 11 more projects and has participated in various projects or collaborations, including her upcoming release, recorded at Spotify’s Studio in LA.

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