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When You is Hangover Square’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The duo Hangover Square has conjured an intriguing musical spell with their single “When You,” transporting listeners to a realm where ancient chants blend with modern sensibilities.

When You is Hangover Square’s Single Out Now

Their music possesses a unique quality, capable of penetrating the depths of the soul and evoking a sense of unease yet irresistible charm.

The song from the beginning establishes an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, as a haunting vocal melody weaves its way through a bed of magical melodies.

Influences of traditional Indian music are evident, reminiscent of the groundbreaking fusion pioneered by bands like Kula Shaker.

Hangover Square, brings a unique twist, infusing their sound with a touch of hippie-esque psychedelia that sets them apart.

The duo’s fearless experimentation and willingness to venture into uncharted musical territories are hallmarks of their artistry.

Their music shows their deep compositional expertise and a vision that extends beyond the confines of traditional songwriting.

The accompanying music video for “When You” further enhances the song’s hypnotic halo. A mesmerizing dance performance unfolds, resembling a ritualistic trance.

The video’s dreamlike imagery and symbolic elements perfectly complement the song’s ethereal mood, creating an immersive audiovisual experience.

This song and video introduce the album Rewire which is out now.

When You is Hangover Square’s Single Out Now!


Hangover Square are an Americana, folk-blues and roots duo. They are Bristol-based husband and wife duo Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper. Two highly experienced professional musicians who have been played widely across the radio including having been play-listed on BBC Radio 2, they have toured extensively across the UK and in Europe.

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