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Where are you? Tropicantesimo Remix is Big Mountain County’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Big Mountain County are back this time with an interesting reinterpretation of one of their songs.

I must say that it is the first time that I find myself reviewing the same song remixed.

A very interesting experience and I have to give credit to Tropicantesimo, aka Ugo Sanchez for being able to give a new look to this beautiful song.

The slower rhythm immediately made me feel the groove, for some reason, I felt Indian vibes. A hypnotic cadence that literally makes you travel with your imagination.

While I was listening to this version of Where are you? I saw myself plunging into the Ganges and in a moment of delirium of omnipotence, I also drank the sacred and polluted water of the legendary river.

I must say that this collaboration between Big Mountain County and Tropicantesimo is absolutely successful and I recommend everyone to live this beautiful experience by going to listen to the great tune.

Where are you? Tropicantesimo Remix is Big Mountain County’s Single Out Now!

Marvelous Delirium!

Big Mountain County are back to release, after a few days, a new track. It’s not a new song, however. The band is infected with a tropical disease in this remix masterfully produced by TROPICANTESIMO, aka UGO SANCHEZ, metropolitan prophet of slow rhythms and star of nights with no end, if not in hallucinated dawns front of the sea. Big Mountain County talks about it like this: “Here, more than hangover, that’s “saudade”. So, the sense of lack becomes a curse – How does it feel to live so far away for me? – to be shouted, shared and cried. But outside, in some crowded city in the South of the world, it’s Carnival and Summer is still there to be lived and danced, perhaps at a slower and more rhythmic pace.”

An experiment, that of the remix of their songs, long in the band’s wish book, finally fulfilled by Hugo Sanchez, cult Rome-based DJ and producer, recently protagonist of the recording declination of TROPICANTESIMO, a musical ritual dilated in time, through the celebration of sound and dance.

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