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While is Olec Mün’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Olec Mün and his album While.

While is Olec Mün’s Album Out Now

Are you ready for a mesmerizing and hypnotic musical experience.

As soon as I pressed the play button, reality before my eyes vanished, leaving room for oneiric visions.

Olec Mün has the great ability to describe his deepest emotions through his songs.

While is a delicate and refined album. The piano notes fell on me as light as spring rain.

The title’While’ inspired me as this word always seems like just a transition between one action and another.

Perhaps we often forget that not only the beginning and the end count, the path in between is our life.

When we walk to reach a place, walking is what makes us alive, which is why many times when we reach our destination we feel a little empty.

These songs live in this timeless limbo and are able to give strong emotions.

In such a difficult time for the world, this album is therapeutic as it takes you away for a moment from all the nonsense and chaos that surrounds us.

A wonderful discovery that I recommend to everyone.

While is Olec Mün’s Album Out Now!

Intense and Sincere!

While is Olec Mün’s Album Out Now

Born in Argentina, in 1985, Marcelo Schnock studied piano, jazz and harmony with professors such as Nicolás Guerschberg, Francisco Sicilia, Guillermo Romero and Paula Suarez. Complementarily, he studied Indian and African music with Santiago Michael and Carolina Chrem as well as sound as a form of healing with teacher Karina Quiroga.

During his twenties he visited India and Africa, where he got immersed in their culture and felt a strong calling to approach music from a premodern perspective, which consists of considering music as a functional tool to connect with the invisible world, and not only as an entertainment discipline.

In 2018, Marcelo decides to start his own journey as a composer, working with the piano and minimal electronic experimental language. In order to do so, he gives his project the name of Olec Mün, a pseudonym with which he has already released five studio albums in five years.

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