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Whiskey Blues is Shyfrin Alliance’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Led by the architectural vision of Eduard Shyfrin, Shyfrin Alliance’s new single “Whiskey Blues” is a shot of pure sonic adrenaline.

Whiskey Blues is Shyfrin Alliance’s Single Out Now

The infectious groove grabs hold from the first note, propelled by a sly, ironic vocal performance that oozes sex appeal.

This music is a mood elevator, infusing listeners with the raw power of rock and blues.

It’s easy to imagine yourself transported to a smoky New Orleans bar, bathed in the warm glow of live music. As the cool groove unfolds, visions of the Blues Brothers cavorting across the screen might even dance in your head.

The band plays with a veteran’s confidence. The guitar solo sears, while the bass and drums lay down a rock-solid foundation.

The addition of gospel choirs towards the end adds a touch of soulful grandeur, a perfect capstone to this energetic journey.

“Whiskey Blues” is a full-bodied experience. It’s a potent blend of catchy grooves, masterful musicianship, and pure, unadulterated vibes. This is a cool song, plain and simple.

Whiskey Blues is Shyfrin Alliance’s Single Out Now!


Raised in Ukraine, Eduard Shyfrin was classically trained on piano before becoming an award-winning mathematician, physicist, and businessman.

A crisis led him to begin a search for meaning and purpose, and to research and write the Amazon bestseller ‘From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah Within the Framework of Information Theory and Quantum Physics’.

But Eduard’s passion for music never left him, and his musicianship and profound life experience have now led to his debut album, Shyfrin Alliance. This intoxicating mix of rock, blues and romantic balladry brims with messages of unconditional love and antiwar – and the effortlessly rich voice of this singular talent.

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