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Whispers Of Woe is The Survival Code’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Survival Code has once again unleashed their brand of powerful, guitar-driven rock on the world with their new album, “Whispers Of Woe.”

Whispers Of Woe is The Survival Code’s Album Out Now

This album is a triumphant return for the duo, showcasing their continued growth and evolution as musicians.

One of the tracks I liked the most is, “Waiting in the Wings,” it’s clear that The Survival Code is not messing around. This song is a masterclass in guitar riffs and driving rhythms, with a chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head long after the song is over.

The album is full of intricate chord progressions and nostalgic melodies, reminiscent of bands like Linkin Park and Bad Religion.

But The Survival Code has a distinctive sound that sets them apart from their influences. Their music is heavier and more aggressive, with a raw energy that is sure to please fans of hard rock and grunge.

“Can’t be Explained” is a standout track on the album, with a more ethereal feel than the rest of the songs. The melody of the chorus is beautiful and haunting, and the vocals are powerful and emotional.

“Whispers Of Woe” is a powerful and well-crafted album that showcases the talent of this duo. This band must be always on your radar and playlists.

Whispers Of Woe is The Survival Code’s Album Out Now!


The Survival Code are a London based rock duo known for their beefy, guitar laden songs, banging beats and huge live shows. The rock duo comprise of Gary McGuinness (guitar, vox) and Simon Hartop (drums, vox).

The Survival Code have been around in many incarnations since 2012 but found their final lineup of as a duo and their sound In 2018 in the recording of the album HOPELESSNESS OF PEOPLE with the esteemed producer they still work with to this day : Matt Hyde (UK).

Ever since then the band have grown from strength to strength gigging across the UK on two UK tours and releasing a new EP in 2019 – CROSSES TO CARRY, COFFINS TO FILL which saw the band having 20-40k streams a month on streaming platforms since

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