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Whistleblower (2013) is NORÐIR’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
NORÐIR’s single “Whistleblower (2013)” is a powerful musical statement, inspired by the story of Edward Snowden, reflecting the band’s commitment to addressing important societal issues.

Whistleblower (2013) is NORÐIR’s Single Out Now

The song carries a message of inspiration, emphasizing the idea that making a positive impact on society is more enduring than fleeting success. It encourages the courage to speak the truth, even when one’s voice trembles.

The band’s approach to crafting this song brings to mind the cinematic and impactful style of Muse.

NORÐIR successfully captures a Muse-esque grandeur, especially evident in the epic chorus where the singer’s voice reaches paradisiacal heights. The vocal delivery adds a layer of emotion and intensity, amplifying the overall impact of the song.

The heavy finale, marked by strong strumming, adds a dynamic and energetic conclusion that leaves a lasting impression.

The composition effectively draws the listener in, making them eager to hit the play button again to experience the emotional journey once more.

The live performance featured in the video is a testament to NORÐIR’s dedication to detail, both in the studio and on stage.

The band’s meticulous approach shines through, demonstrating their commitment to delivering a polished and impactful musical experience.

The band’s attention to detail, both in their musical craft and live performances, positions them as artists with a genuine commitment to their art and societal impact.

Whistleblower (2013) is NORÐIR’s Single Out Now!


Whistleblower (2013) is NORÐIR’s Single Out Now

Drawing inspiration from Edward Snowden’s revelations, the song is a poignant commentary on truth and the human condition.

The song questions the conventional measures of success and happiness, urging listeners to introspect and live a life of authenticity. It advocates for personal accountability and the courage to voice one’s truth, suggesting that such actions can catalyze societal change.

NORÐIR are two full blooded musicians with a fascination for time travel and world history. Equipped with a mysterious time machine, electric drums, looper, electric guitars, synthesizers, visual effects and 3 languages, the band catapults the audience on a journey through time.

Musically, NORÐIR perform a balancing act of several epochs. Edgy 80’s synth-pop sound meets the psychedelic soundscapes of the ’60s and envelops clever, contemporary indie pop arrangements: Indietronic. This works not only on stage but also on Spotify (90,000+ streams for the 1st single “No Hell No”).

The band, made up of Viktor (born in Siberia) and Lars (born in Malaysia), is campaigning against xenophobia and for world openness and regularly participates in peace festivals such as Festival Contre Le Racisme, Pax Terra Musica and the Ulm Peace Weeks.

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