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Wichita Lineman is Spyderhuff’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Spyderhuff strikes gold again with their latest single, “Wichita Lineman.”

Wichita Lineman is Spyderhuff’s Single Out Now

 The song opens with a lone guitar line that stretches out like an endless expanse, instantly painting a vast musical landscape. It’s a masterful introduction that sets the stage for a journey into blue-collar poetry.

The track crackles with electricity – both literal, mirroring the lineman’s work, and musical, thanks to the electrifying guitar work.

The melody itself is a marvel, perfectly complementing the lyrics. Vocals echo and shimmer, underscored by a subtle slide guitar effect that injects a touch of melancholy.

Then, the unexpected happens – a chorus explodes with soaring female backing vocals, further amplifying the song’s evocative power. It’s a brilliant move, adding another layer of depth to this already intriguing sound.

“Wichita Lineman” is a sonic blend with threads of David Bowie’s glam theatricality, Lou Reed’s raw energy, and a healthy dose of Mark Knopfler’s signature Dire Straits guitar work.

Intense and evocative, “Wichita Lineman” is a song that will give you an intense experience.

Wichita Lineman is Spyderhuff’s Single Out Now!


Jimmy Webb who wrote Wichita Lineman was driving on a lonesome stretch of highway in Oklahoma and spotted a lineman all by himself working high on a telephone pole. Jimmy was later quoted as saying, “This song is not just about a lineman. It is about anyone who can think about other things while they work—a truck driver, for example, or a farmworker. It is a song about an ordinary person who has extraordinary thoughts.”

Spyderhuff members are Tom Kuhr (vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax, synth), Don Beyer (bass, synth), Jim Pauli (drums), Joey Gaydos (guitar), Tony Mitchell (congas, bongos, drums, backing vocals), and Julie Noe (backing vocals).

Spyderhuff is a greasy and swampy blues-rock band with deep Detroit roots with an honesty and authenticity that produces good music and commentary.

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