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Wicked Game (Cover) is Soná ‘s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a mesmerizing and captivating musical journey, the artist Soná and the haunting vocals of Samuel Andryk have breathed new life into the iconic classic “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac.

Wicked Game (Cover) is Soná ‘s Single Out Now

With an innovative twist and contemporary approach, this rendition stands tall as a remarkable modern twilight experience, weaving an enigmatic atmosphere that tantalizes the senses.

Soná’s mastery in music and arrangements is unmistakable, and it is evident that he poured his heart and soul into this project. The original essence of “Wicked Game” is gracefully preserved, but Soná’s creative brilliance shines as he skillfully revamps the song into a wholly distinct sonic landscape.

Embracing both digital and analog elements, he brings together a seamless fusion of ethereal melodies and electronic ambiance, which adds a touch of otherworldly allure to the track.

What truly sets this revisitation apart is the hauntingly evocative vocals of Samuel Andryk. With a voice that resonates with emotion and depth, Andryk delivers an impeccable performance that leaves listeners spellbound. His rendition of the iconic lyrics is both powerful and vulnerable, infusing the song with newfound emotions.

The collaboration between Soná and Samuel Andryk is nothing short of magical, as they intertwine their talents to create an arresting and immersive experience.

Wicked Game (Cover) is Soná ‘s Single Out Now!


Wicked Game (Cover) is Soná ‘s Single Out Now

Soná, in collaboration with Samuel Andryk, are excited to announce the release of Wicked Game, their twist on the Chris Isaac classic. The single is Soná’s version of the hit song that puts on full display his signature sound and musical style, this one-man band looping and performing it from the ground up on electric guitar, keys, bass, drum synthesiser and mics. Finished off with Samuel Andryk’s stunning vocal range and tone, this single delivers real talent.

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