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Wilderness is The Prickly Pairs’ New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
The Prickly Pairs’ “Wilderness” is a song that washes over you like a wave of warm summer air.

Wilderness is The Prickly Pairs’ New Single

The raw passion emanating from their voices is undeniable, a perfect blend that makes you believe every word they sing.

It’s a song steeped in nostalgia, transporting you to wide-open American landscapes with its evocative lyrics and masterful arrangements.

The duo’s voices are a match made in musical heaven. Their delivery is heartfelt and genuine, drawing you into the emotional core of the song.

Each word resonates with deep emotion, keeping you hooked until the very last note.

The arrangements are truly special. The strings sweep in like rolling hills, while the slide guitars add a touch of twang that’s undeniably American.  It’s a sound that perfectly complements the lyrical imagery.

Wilderness” is the perfect soundtrack for a road trip. Close your eyes, feel the wind in your hair, and let the music whisk you away. It’s a song that for some reason evokes a sense of freedom and adventure.

The Prickly Pairs’ “Wilderness” is a gem. It’s a song that’s nostalgic and timeless, with a sound that’s refreshingly unique.

Wilderness is The Prickly Pairs’ New Single!


Irene Greene & Mason Summit join forces as The Prickly Pair, a newly-formed duo specializing in angsty Americana with a contemporary perspective. Both have pursued solo careers, but sought to combine their talents in a project that demonstrates a deep mutual love of country & western traditions while staying true to their own musical instincts. The two currently live in Nashville with their dog.

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