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Witch’s Brew is S J Denney’s Single out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
S J Denney’s Halloween single, “Witch’s Brew,” is a remarkable piece of music that immediately grabs your attention with his distinctive and memorable voice.

Witch’s Brew is S J Denney’s Single out Now

At times S J Denney’s vocal timbre reminded me of Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, adding a unique flavor to the song.

What truly sets this artist apart is his exceptional compositional skills. “Witch’s Brew” is not just a song; it’s a musical opera.

The arrangement is beautifully crafted, and it’s clear that great care and attention to detail went into its creation.

Managing such a wide array of instruments and making them coexist in a harmonious equilibrium is no small feat, and it speaks to the artist’s musical talent.

In an era where music often leans toward minimalism, encountering artists like S J Denney who embrace complexity and orchestration with such passion is truly inspiring.

His dedication to his craft shines through in every note, and it’s evident that he’s committed to delivering unforgettable musical moments to his audience.

“Witch’s Brew” is a captivating single that offers a rich and immersive listening experience. This song isn’t just for the Halloween season. It’s a song that is a pleasure to listen to at any time.

Witch’s Brew is S J Denney’s Single out Now!


Witch’s Brew is S J Denney’s Single out Now

On Christmas Day 2022, I had some Christmas songs on the stereo and went to get ready for the big day, leaving the music playing downstairs. When ‘Lonely This Christmas’ by Mud came on, I heard the bassline through the floorboards. However, as I was in another room, I heard it quite differently. That moment inspired me to write the double bass line for this track, which everything else fits around. The song was written by the time I’d finished getting ready. I’m really happy with the recording. I scored every part for the song, which features a wide range of instruments, including the tárogató and the piccolo trumpet.

S J Denney is a singer-songwriter based in Essex, United Kingdom. He fell in love with music from an early age, after stumbling across vinyl copies of The Beatles’ White Album and Neil Young’s Harvest. S J was originally a choir boy and performed in a number of venues across his local county. His next stepping-stone was learning to play the clarinet. Whilst music theory gave him a solid foundation, Denney soon decided to focus his efforts on selflearning the acoustic guitar and writing songs.


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