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Women of the Right is Autorub Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Autorub, a band that has managed to blend energy, creativity, and musical prowess into their latest EP “Women of the Right,” undoubtedly takes listeners on a spirited journey.

Women of the Right is Autorub Ep Out Now

From the first notes to the last, their music exudes an infectious energy that’s reminiscent of the iconic band Weezer, yet with a unique and refreshing twist.

One of the standout features of this EP is the dynamic energy that is unleashed through the music. Each track is imbued with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm that instantly grabs the listener’s attention.

This energy is infectious, spreading through the speakers and filling the air with an undeniable vitality.

Drawing parallels to Weezer is a noteworthy observation, as both bands share an ability to create catchy, uplifting rock that never falls into the trap of becoming obvious or banal.

“Women of the Right” manages to capture this essence impeccably. The EP’s melodies are both captivating and unpredictable, avoiding clichés and instead delivering a unique sonic experience.

The band demonstrates an intuitive understanding of how to manipulate harmony to evoke emotions, whether it’s the euphoric highs or the introspective lows. This intricate interplay of chords contributes significantly to the EP’s depth and resonance.

Equally praiseworthy is the production quality of “Women of the Right.” The soundscapes are finely balanced, allowing each instrument to shine through without overpowering the others.

This balance is essential to the overall enjoyment of the EP, as it allows the nuances of the music to be fully appreciated. The production team has done a commendable job in capturing the band’s raw energy while maintaining a polished finish.

It’s evident that the members of Autorub possess an impressive musical knowledge. Their ability to seamlessly blend various influences while maintaining a cohesive sound is a testament to their expertise.

Women of the Right is Autorub Ep Out Now!


Women of the Right is Autorub Ep Out Now

Autorub, based out of NY, offers up a great mix of modern and classic sounds in rock, coupled with smart, sarcastic political humor. Their sound is commercial-friendly, polished but also raw and rebellious. Their material is refreshingly full of substance both musically and lyrically.


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