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Wonderful is Fish And Scale’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fish And Scale will entertain us with a sublime Ep titled Wonderful.

Wonderful is Fish And Scale’s Ep Out Now

A masterpiece by this singer-songwriter.

The thing that fascinates me about Fish And Scale’s music is the vision that it’s so much more than just some good songs.

As this Ep was conceived, the meaning behind each song are the pillars that support a mature artistic approach. It is not easy to find artists with such an articulated and profound vision.

The sophistication of the lyrics, the order in which the songs are placed, everything has a precise explanation. And then the music of Fish And Scale conveys a positive message.

This music wants to help you in your personal growth. The goal is to always be a better person and Wonderful helps you in this difficult path.

Give yourself an intense musical moment and press the play button. Fish And Scale will amaze you once again.

Wonderful is Fish And Scale’s Ep Out Now!


Wonderful is Fish And Scale’s Ep Out Now

“Wonderful” describes various stages of a journey to the origin of the own existence, a journey of self-discovery. The deeply human search for fulfilment, love and freedom is the starting point and leads initially to the urge to follow your own authentic path. This requires freeing yourself from the voices of society that make you believe true happiness is to be gained from external achievements (Don’t care). Only then does the true beauty of life become visible and you see your own value, the preciousness of your own existence regardless of your success or failure story (Wonderful). You begin to feel more deeply and recognize yourself in the beauty and magnificence of existence. Suddenly, there is a connection, a merging between you and all that you perceive. (Feel me!) You free yourself from your concepts, your protective walls and facades and stop constructing the world in your mind. Instead, you experience life in the present moment, ultimately realizing that everything you are looking for is already here and no longer needs to be found, because the fulfilment of your longing lies within you (Stay!).

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