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Worlds is Pranatricks’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Pranatricks isn’t just making music; he’s crafting sonic portals to uncharted realities.

Worlds is Pranatricks’ Single Out Now

Pressing play on “Worlds” isn’t simply listening, it’s an initiation into a visionary artist’s mind, a psychedelic pilgrimage through parallel universes whispered from the future.

His music pulses with a coded message, a quantum leap of sound that seems to crackle with the electricity of possibilities yet to be born.

Pranatricks’ voice, a hypnotic siren song, lures you deeper into the sonic labyrinth, each note a shimmering shard of another dimension.

Comparisons feel futile here. Pranatricks isn’t playing by anyone else’s rules. He’s a pioneer, forging musical paths where none have tread before.

The intensity of his singing mirrors the boundless ambition of his sonic canvas. Each carefully chosen sound feels deliberate, a brushstroke that redefines the very boundaries of music itself.

Keep Pranatricks on your radar. Brace yourself for the future, because Pranatricks is bringing it, one mind-bending masterpiece at a time.

Worlds is Pranatricks’ Single Out Now!


Worlds is Pranatricks’ Single Out Now

Pranatricks is an artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and indie singer songwriter currently based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. His debut album ‘Cherished’ released in January of 2023 garnered several accolades including charting on the Earshot National Top 50 and #1 at CJSF 90.1fm the week of May 2nd.

The music blog Indie Boulevard named ‘Cherished’, Best Album of 2022. Having been active in the Canadian independent music scene since 2006 he continually shapes his outward expression through simple songwriting and instrumentation. In 2008 his band Fur Bearing Animals, an electro funk duo, released a ‘Self-Titled EP’ that sold over 1500 units and charted extensively on Earshot. The title track Ivy Harvey Shoes has well over 100K streams worldwide and was featured on Departures, a Canadian Travel TV Show.

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