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Worth Your While is Fire Roots’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fire Roots’ single “Worth Your While” presents an intriguing blend of genres that sets them apart in the music scene.

Worth Your While is Fire Roots’ Single Out Now

Drawing inspiration from various styles, the band creates a unique musical limbo.

Upon hearing the track, echoes of bands like Live resonate, particularly in the vocal delivery reminiscent of Ed Kowalczyk and the structure of the song.

This connection serves as a familiar touchstone for listeners, inviting them into Fire Roots’ distinctive musical universe.

However, what truly sets Fire Roots apart is their infusion of Latin flavors, adding a vibrant and refreshing dimension to their music.

Fire Roots is comprised of skilled musicians who have dedicated considerable time and effort to honing their craft.

The integration of diverse influences speaks to their musical skills and collaborative spirit. The chemistry between band members is evident, for sure they have spent countless hours in the rehearsal room perfecting their sound.

The production is exemplary and shows meticulous attention to detail. Each element is carefully balanced, allowing the intricate layers of instrumentation to shine through.

The performance itself is masterful, demonstrating the band’s technical proficiency and emotive depth.

Worth Your While is Fire Roots’ Single Out Now!


Fire Roots are a band from Melbourne (Australia) formed by immigrants in 2021. The band is characterized for mixing groovy beats with intense melodies and incorporating bits of Spanish in the lyrics; another signature of the band is the addition of Latin Percussion and Latin rhythms into the songs.

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