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Yellow to Red is Angst Party’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Angst Party’s new single “Yellow to Red” delivers an electrifying experience that feels raw and authentic.

Yellow to Red is Angst Party’s Single Out Now

The production captures the essence of a live performance, making it easy to imagine the band playing right in front of you.

This immediacy infuses the track with a special energy, setting it apart from many of today’s overly polished recordings.

The song is a pure rock anthem, unfiltered and unapologetic. It harks back to the 90s, with strong grunge influences, particularly evident in the vocal delivery.

The singer’s voice carries a certain intensity that complements the heavy instrumentation perfectly.

The chorus is where “Yellow to Red” truly shines, exploding with raw, distorted guitars that hit you straight in the gut. The power of this section is undeniable, creating a moment of sheer rock glory.

Adding to the depth of the track are the well-placed vocal harmonies, which add complexity and enhance the overall impact.

I loved the bridge. It builds tension masterfully, creating anticipation for the grand finale.

This section shows the band’s ability to craft dynamic shifts within their music, maintaining the listener’s interest throughout.

Angst Party has spent considerable time in the rehearsal room, perfecting their sound and chemistry.

The result is a track that not only demonstrates their technical skill but also their ability to convey emotion and energy effectively.

Yellow to Red is Angst Party’s Single Out Now!


Yellow to Red is Angst Party’s Single Out Now

Angst Party is a four-piece rock band from Durban. They combine a broad range of alternative influences and diverse experiences in the pursuit of fun over fear while promoting harmony and hope.
Initially formed in mid-2022 by singer, Mika, and guitarist, Adam, it wasn’t until after some personnel changes that the party truly started with the arrival of Kat on bass in late 2022, and drummer Brett in early 2023.

With many original songs quickly added to the tank, they released their debut self-produced single ‘War’ in July 2023. This was followed in September 2023 by a double victory in the Durban Battle of the Bands competition at Stumpnose Brewery where Angst Party won both ‘Best Original Band’ and ‘Best Band’ in an event full of incredible talent.
In late 2023 the band embarked on a collaboration with Loop Evolution Records for their follow up single, ‘Wings’, released in February 2024.

At this time, they were also working with Sonic Studios on their next track, ‘Go Again’, that was released a month later in March 2024. The band continues to work with Loop Evolution Records and are in the process of nalising two further tracks, ‘Yellow to Red’ and ‘Boots O’, with both set for release before June. Editing is currently underway for the band’s take on a social media orientated guerilla style music video for ‘Go Again’, and arrangements are being made for an exciting collaboration for a more formal music video to accompany ‘Yellow to Red’.

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