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You Are Everything You Are is Emker Cel’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Emker Cel’s album, “You Are Everything You Are,” is a testament to the triumph of artistic spirit over adversity.

You Are Everything You Are is Emker Cel’s Album Out Now

In the face of a challenging battle with COVID, Matt Kassell, aka Emker Cel, channeled his energy and resilience into creating an album that not only reflects his struggle but also shows his developed artistic taste.

From the first note, the album exudes vibes that resonate deeply with the listener.

Emker Cel’s musical skills are evident, with each song crafted with a depth and refinement that showcases a mature artistic sensibility.

The journey embedded in the album is not just auditory but emotional, as the artist weaves a narrative through each track.

The alternative rock vibes and nostalgic melodies create a distinctive musical limbo, where modernity and vintage nuances exist harmoniously.

The fusion of these elements gives the album a timeless quality, a sound that transcends eras and intrigues with its authenticity.

Tracks like the enigmatic “Data Loss” and the passionately interpreted “Not My Enemy” stand out, showcasing Emker Cel’s ability to convey a range of emotions with authenticity.

The vocal interpretation throughout the album is solid, with Emker Cel’s voice serving as a conduit for the depth of the lyrical content.

The well-thought-out musical structures and dynamics contribute to the album’s cohesiveness, making each song a distinct yet integral part of the overarching narrative.

In its entirety, the album is a triumph and a gift to those who appreciate music not just as a form of entertainment, but as a powerful and emotive means of storytelling.

You Are Everything You Are is Emker Cel’s Album Out Now!

Timeless Atmosphere!

You Are Everything You Are is the new album from Matt Kassell, better known under his pseudonym Emker Cel. Its 12 tracks break new ground for Matt, exploring new ground and sonic textures while paying homage to some of his songwriting heroes. But, as he says himself, it nearly never happened.

Writing and pre-production began in 2019, with a year-long break from music scheduled for fatherhood. Matt’s son was born in August 2019 and Matt had pledged to devote the first year of his life to him. Then, almost exactly a year later, Covid hit, and hit Matt badly. Rather than return to work, Matt spent the next 6 months virtually house-bound, some days unable to walk, or even talk, let alone sing.

Rehabilitation came in the form of music and work. Slowly regaining energy, the drive to make music returned. Physical therapy and breathing exercises enabled Matt to start playing and singing again: first at home, then at an open mic night hosted by his good friend and labelmate Jonny Swift.

Instrumental recording recommenced in 2022. Soundtrack composer Dave Fox set up in Matt’s own Digital Man Studio in Barrow for a week, and the pair recorded live takes of the majority of the songs that would appear on YAEYA: Dave on drums, with Matt on vocals and guitar. Matt was then able to overdub the rest of the instruments at leisure, health permitting, for the next year.

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