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You Carry Me is Maria Pellicano’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Maria Pellicano in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

This talented artist manages to interpret her songs in such an impeccable way that every time I listen to one of her tunes I am literally kidnapped and taken into her musical universe.

You Carry Me made me feel the emotions when I listen to Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones … these are the ballads that can speak to your soul…there are those songs that make you take off your mask. While listening to these kinds of melodies finally you can be your real self.

Honestly, with such an expressive voice she can sing anything but Maria Pellicano is also a great singer-songwriter and therefore she combines her vocal quality with solid musical knowledge.

This song is an unforgettable experience, a veil of sweetness settles on your life for 5 wonderful minutes.

You Carry Me is Maria Pellicano’s Single Out Now!

Sweet and Delicate!


Melbourne, Australia based singer/songwriter, Maria Pellicano reintroduces her beautiful, emotive and introspective truly spiritual song, ‘Carry Me’ as a new, invigorated single release, available on all streaming platforms now.

Throughout life’s challenges, we can look beyond ourselves and know that there is something greater, carrying us through, whether it be a greater being; ‘God’.. life or anything that you deeply connect with, that allows you to see beyond yourself and your turmoil. ‘Carry Me’ deeply explores this concept that there is more that can guide us through the difficulties, when we can’t see a way through on our own. It’s the belief and the faith that there is more beyond the limitations of we see, beyond our imagination.

“To me, ‘Carry Me’ is to believe that it’s not the end of the road.. that we’re supported.. if you believe and you reach out; if you ask, you will receive.. leaving you with a sense of being carried and lifted through your hard times”.

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