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Your Ghost is Blindness & Light’s Cover Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Blindness & Light takes a bold step with their cover of Kristin Hersh’s haunting ballad, “Your Ghost.”

Your Ghost is Blindness & Light’s Cover Single Out Now

 While the original is a stripped-down folk song, steeped in acoustic intimacy and darkness, Blindness & Light injects a dose of alternative energy.

Their reimagining transforms the track into a gothic soundscape. Gone is the original’s quiet strumming; in its place, a razor-thin, almost metallic guitar tone takes center stage, reminiscent of a twelve-string with an edge.

Where the original maintained a melancholic consistency, Blindness & Light builds “Your Ghost” into a crescendo of emotions.

Around the 2-minute mark, the drums kick in, adding a driving, almost danceable groove.

This newfound rhythmic pulse perfectly complements the vocalist’s performance – a delivery that’s twilight-tinged and captivatingly intense.

Blindness & Light doesn’t simply cover “Your Ghost;” they breathe new life into it. They’ve captured the essence of the original’s darkness while adding their own unique touch.

The result is a thrilling reinterpretation that stands on its own merit. This is a cover song that deserves to be celebrated.

Your Ghost is Blindness & Light’s Cover Single Out Now!


Your Ghost is Blindness & Light’s Cover Single Out Now

The song was recorded on the Isle of Anglesey and in Warrington UK. This was the last song recorded with our previous producer and is co-produced by Colin M Potter and Tony Denmade.

This marks the full stop to the first phase of Blindness & Light. We are now producing ourselves with a German studio providing mixing and mastering. Our second album is being recorded at the moment and should be available in early 2025.

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