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Your Opinion is Unca John’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Unca John in the past but this unique artist is back with a new single titled Your Opinion.

Your Opinion is Unca John’s Single Out Now

This tune demonstrates once again the excellent compositional qualities of this artist.

I particularly liked the sound and the melodic line of the guitar which is occasionally enriched by cool riffs. The bass also moves quickly on the notes and sinuously supports the rhythmic foundation of this song together with the drums.

The lyrics are irreverent and direct. Unca John has no filters and ironically says what he thinks with no strings attached.

Your Opinion is a melodically refined song where the arrangements are designed to support the words that are the protagonists of this track.

An artist who has found in music the best way to express his thoughts.

Absolutely confirmed!

Your Opinion is Unca John’s Single Out Now!


Your Opinion is Unca John’s Single Out Now

“Your Opinion” is a catchy, upbeat track with edgy, funny lyrics satirizing conspiracy theorists, gun nuts and other miscreants of the American MAGA right. Musically the song is propelled by a strong lead guitar riff and a loping bass line. The bridge adds musical variety through harmony vocals and a bright piano sound. Overall this is a retro-flavored track with acid-tongued wordplay in the Elvis Costello tradition.

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