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Your Religion is King In Yellow’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
King In Yellow isn’t here to make pleasantries.

Your Religion is King In Yellow’s Single Out Now

Their new single, “Your Religion,” explodes from the speakers with a raw, unfiltered guitar intro that sets the tone for a dark and exhilarating ride.

The song quickly escalates, the guitars morphing into a relentless, inky avalanche of sound. Vocals, passionate and raw reminded me of bands like Fidlar demanding your attention.

King In Yellow doesn’t just wear their influences on their sleeve; they created a unique sonic blend. This isn’t derivative; it’s a potent distillation of punk, noise rock, and post-punk, channeled through a distinctly King In Yellow lens.

The tight musicianship is undeniable. Hours spent honing their craft in the rehearsal room are evident in the way the band operates as a single unit, achieving an almost telepathic “alchemy.”

But beneath the catchy riffs and pulsating rhythm lurks something sinister. The song evokes a sense of unease, a creeping dread that chills you to the bone…emphasized by the thought-provoking lyrics.

It’s like staring at the cover of the horror film “Smile” – captivatingly disturbing, with a hidden darkness waiting to be unearthed.

“Your Religion” is an experience. King In Yellow isn’t here to preach, they’re here to challenge, to make you question, and maybe even a little afraid. But one thing’s for sure: you won’t forget them anytime soon.

Your Religion is King In Yellow’s Single Out Now!


Your Religion is King In Yellow’s Single Out Now

King In Yellow, started by longtime friends and musical collaborators, Kyle McDonough and Nick Vining, is a musical fusion of timeless melodies and razor sharp rhythms. Drawing inspiration from the golden eras of rock and jangle pop, their music harmoniously blends raw energy and soothing gentleness. With avant-garde influences, King In Yellow crafts a unique sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

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