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ZER0 is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
it can really be said that this artist goes beyond all earthly borders.

ZER0 is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single Out Now

Leonardo Barilaro’s musical vision is one of a kind. Mixing science and art in this way is truly fascinating.

The new song ZER0 orbited the earth, for a moment these beautiful notes fell on us like the northern lights.

If on April 11th you felt your soul lighten perhaps that happened because in that moment the International Space Station was passing over your head.

The melody of ZER0 is wonderful and knowing that these notes and frequencies are traveling in infinite space is a thought that moves me.

Who knows if one day in some distant galaxy someone will be able to capture it? For sure it is a nice message to send around the universe. A song that shows the beauty and greatness of human creativity.

Leonardo Barilaro has the ability to make you dream with your eyes wide open.

ZER0 is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single Out Now!


ZER0 is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single Out Now

Italian Pianist and Aerospace Engineer Leonardo Barilaro has achieved an unprecedented feat, taking his space music composition “ZER0” to orbit around Earth for the second time. The music was onboard the International Space Station as part of the Maleth 3 mission, following a successful NASA launch from Cape Canaveral on 14th March 2023, onboard the SpaceX CRS27 rocket. The music was stored on the mission computer, integrated into an ICE Cubes platform, and orbited in Space for 30 days. The climax of the artistic project was the broadcast of the space piano composition from Space to Earth in a special event on April 11th. “ZER0” is a breathtaking musical journey that leads the Astronaut, representing the Human’ soul, to discover himself reflected in the Universe, while the Universe is reflected into him in a waterfall of harmonies and cosmic wind of notes.

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