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10 Best Rock Songs

Good Day Noir Family,

the question we asked today was:

if you had only ten spots what rock bands and songs will you keep?

This is the personal selection of Keno Hellmann, CEO at MIDNIGHTDRUMMER.COM. We think he has made wonderful choices, what do you think?

10 best rock songs Edgar Allan Poets10 Best Rock Songs

1st. Band/Genesis/Driving The Last Spike

I became a professional drummer because of Genesis – especially Phil Collins and Chester Thompson had a huge impact on me and my drumming. I love longer songs like “Driving The Last Spike“

and, “Firth of Fifth” which represents their drumming best.

2nd. Band/Nirvana/Smells Like Teen Spirit

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is not just their most popular song, but it’s a challenge for most drummers who would like to learn the groove. I like its complexity and the aggressive way it’s been played by Dave Grohl.

3rd. Band/Porcupine Tree/Anesthetize

I love Gavin Harrison who is the drummer of Porcupine Tree. The song “Anesthetize“ is a legendary song of that band – complex but still beautiful and a great listen!

4th. Band/Pink Floyd/Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd is another band I adore. “Wish You Were Here” is one of my personal favorites of this band because of it’s simplicity and its slow groove.

5th. Band/Rammstein/Du Hast

Rammstein polarizes. Some hate them and others love them. I really like them because they are absolutely unique and “Du Hast” is one of my favorite rock songs ever. It’s a mixture of aggressive rock and a bit of disco.

6th. Band/ACDC/Thunderstruck

ACDC are the masters of rock. Although their songs are pretty simple to play, it’s hard to find that ‘rock’ attitude necessary to play the songs. I love “Thunderstruck“ because of its guitar licks.

7th. Band/Rage Against the Machine/Killing in The Name of

“Killing in The Name of“ is another great rock song that I love listening to and playing drums. It’s outstanding & unique in the way the musicians play their instruments and how they use dynamics to shape the song.

8th. Band/Led Zeppelin/Stairway to Heaven

“Stairway to Heaven“ is not just a rock song that made history. It’s one of the most popular guitar licks ever written. I personally like how the song is built up from a quiet slow beginning to a fulminant ending.

9th. Band/Guns & Roses/November Rain

This song is a bit cheesy due to the 90s when it was written and the music video was produced. Still “November Rain“ is another great rock song that I like because of its musical variety using common rock song instruments and a whole orchestra.

10th. Band/Metallica/Nothing Else Matters

This was the first Metallica song I noticed when I was a teenager due to its popularity. I studied it and played along with Lars Ulrich’s drumming which is powerful and versatile at the same time.

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