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10-Year-Old Harper’s Voice is Brutal Like A Viking

Could a 10-year-old girl be as brutal as a Viking eating raw reindeer liver? The answer is yes. A little girl named Harper proved it a few nights ago on America’s Got Talent with her version of Spiritbox’s Holy Roller.

10-Year-Old Harper’s Voice is Brutal Like A Viking

Initially, the girl presented herself in a shy way, making everyone think she was a cuddly girl. Her father was invited to sit among the judges to give her support.

As soon as the music started playing things changed. Harper spat out a brutal, vulgar and primitive voice from her soul.

It is not the first time that such things have happened at America’s Got Talent but I must admit that the mix between an angelic face and a voice like that amazed me.

Obviously, initially, the judges of the television show were confused. Then as the audience seemed to like it, things changed and everyone enjoyed the performance.

At the end of the performance, the judges asked the father what he thought of it and he looked at his daughter with loving eyes and said “I love it“.

The judges could not help but approve her performance and send Harper forward in the competition.

If you want to see the original version of this song here is the video of Holy Roller by Spiritbox.

10-Year-Old Harper’s Voice is Brutal Like A Viking

Spiritbox is a Canadian metal band that formed in 2017. Guitarist Mike Stringer with his singer wife Courtney LaPlante started the band and then drummer Zev Rose.

Given the passionate version of this fan, the band is enjoying considerable success amplified by this strange performance.

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