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11:01 is Zeta Zeroes’ Ep | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Zeta Zeroes in the past but this talented artist is back with his debut Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

11:01 is Zeta Zeroes’ Ep | Indie Music

This artist always has the ability to amaze me.  It’s incredible that he is able to produce this music by himself.

The Debut Ep is a very important statement that once again demonstrates the music that this artist wants to give to the world.

The powerful and epic sound is uncompromising. He hits you like a punch in the face and stuns you.

This music is a wild ride. The compositional skills of Zeta Zeroes are limitless. It is evident that this type of music flows in his blood as it seems that it is easy for him to compose it.

The chord progression and rhythmic variations are absolutely special and the execution is masterful.

11:01 is a coherent Ep where all the songs follow a common thread. A squeeze of energy that can charge the listener with adrenaline.

An artist who has the numbers to do great things.

11:01 is Zeta Zeroes’ Ep Out Now!


11:01 is Zeta Zeroes’ Ep | Indie Music

“11:01” is the debut EP from D.C.-based one-man-band Zeta Zeroes.

This is a collection of 4 hardcore punk and punk rock songs written as instrumentals over a decade ago by a high school metalhead who became influenced by his punk-inclined bandmates and the likes of Rise Against, Sum 41, Blink-182, and Every Time I Die. After nearly a decade of higher education, full-time work, and a lost personal identity, these songs have been rearranged, rerecorded, and topped with lyrics about his present-day troubles, from the personal to the universal.

With a strong desire to avoid the pastiches and conformities of punk music today, an unapologetically outsider approach to songwriting, production, and aesthetics makes this a unique and confrontational release in the American punk and hardcore scene.

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