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365 Days of Entropy is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Leonardo Barilaro’s artistic vision is so articulated and interesting that every time I am left speechless.

365 Days of Entropy is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single

His music is connected with the universe that surrounds us…it is part of the whole.

The philosophy and meaning of these songs are much broader than the music alone. The progression of notes and the chosen sounds are able to stimulate critical thoughts and want to open your mind.

Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, everything is evolving energy and even music is energy…perhaps the most powerful of all together with love.

Leonardo Barilaro managed to unite his scientific knowledge with his soul. Rational and irrational coexist in his songs in a perfect balance … this makes his music magical and intense.

Absolutely Brilliant!

365 Days of Entropy is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single Out Now!

Pure Emotions!

365 Days of Entropy is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single

‘365 Days of Entropy’ is a painting, where note clusters of brush strokes portray Art and Life decorating chaos and that this process is OK, since we follow the law of Nature.
The 364 piano tracks previously released are here sampled, controlled via midi and filtered along the process. Multi-tracks of piano are entangled with electronic sounds and drums to sustain the evolution of the melody originally at the core of ‘Maleth’. Nothing is created or destroyed, everything is transformed. This transformation comes at a cost, that is the increase of Entropy.

Entropy, in simple terms, is a measure of disorder and affects all aspects of our daily lives. We can think of it as Nature’s tax. Energy disperses and systems dissolve into chaos. The more disordered something is, the more entropic we consider it. The space piano music style creates a nostalgic aura with a deep introspection.
The flame of Art, and so Music must be kept alive day after day, in a life-long never-ending process.

The inspiration for this venture originated from his mantra, Nullo Die Sine Nota – Not a day without a note. In Art there are no shortcuts and after the first step of having his music in Space, Leonardo is now working day after day to reach the Low Earth Orbit and stream a concert from there, a general rehearsal before the concert from the Moon and, later on, from Mars.
The artwork of ‘365 Days of Entropy’ is based on a portrait of the Space Pianist by photographer Dean Bartolo and the mosaic is AI generated, with all the 365 singles’ covers.

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