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5 Found Footage Movies You Can’t Miss

Edgar Allan Poets want to suggest to you some horror movies of the found footage genre. Due to the low quality of the recordings, you are able to immerse yourself more in the story.

5 Found Footage Movies You Can’t Miss

If you like horror try to put an eye on these movies… do it before the serial killer behind you, right now, takes them off your face ­čÖé

So here is the list of five found footage movies that will entertain and scare you at the same time.

As Above, So Below

A thriller about two archaeologists searching in the catacombs beneath Paris for a lost treasure.


Upon answering a Craigslist ad for a job in a remote mountain town, a videographer discovers the hidden personality of her client.

The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan

After 30 years, a journalist decides to investigate a murder that took place in her hometown. She edges even closer to her own death as she discovers the truth

Found Footage

A serial killer’s video was found by police who documented his murders firsthand.

Willow Creek

In 1967, Bigfoot researchers Patterson and Gimlin discovered the beast in Willow Creek, California. Now Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are retracing their steps.

5 Found Footage Movies You Can’t Miss

We hope that with this selection we have helped you to find a good movie. Many times we have spent the evening looking for a movie to watch and then when we found it we were too tired to watch it.

Sometimes we miss the old TV where you could not choose and you had to passively adapt to their schedule.

If you like spooky stuff we recommend our music!

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