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8-year old bites a cobra to death

An eight -year -old Indian boy killed a cobra with his bites.

The incredible news comes from the remote village of Pandarpadh, in the central region of Chhattisgarh.

8-year old bites a cobra to death

The boy was attacked while he was playing in the courtyard of his house. Bitten by the cobra, he tried to get rid of the animal shaking his arm, but nothing happened.

The only way for him to survive was to bite back the cobra, which died immediately after.

The parents of the child brought him urgently to a nearby medical center where he was kept under observation. The doctors found out that he had experienced a “dry bite”, which means that the cobra didn’t release any poison.

“Dry bites” are often administered by adult snakes when they want to warn or frighten other animals rather than kill them.

8-year old bites a cobra to death

The District of Jashpur, where the boy lives, is known for the presence of many snakes: more than 200 species of reptiles live in the region. And India, in general, is a record country for the deaths of people bitten by snakes: worldwide statistics on victims of snakes discover that, out of the total of 63.000 people killed in 2019, at least 51.000 were in India.

But this was not the case: the Indian boy was able to survive a cobra bitting it twice.

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