Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | A & B Sides Vol 1 is Everything But The Everything's Ep | Indie Music
A & B Sides Vol 1 is Everything But The Everything’s Ep | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Everything But The Everything in the past but they are back with a new cool Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

A & B Sides Vol 1 is Everything But The Everything’s Ep | Indie Music

The twilight and mysterious atmosphere created by the sound of this band is also confirmed in this new Ep.

Bands like Cure or Christian Death come to mind as you listen to these beautiful songs.

Somehow this music is capable of stimulating neuronal impulses that activate your nervous system creating ancestral visions in your mind.

This music makes you dream of autumn landscapes and movie scenes shot in super 8. These melodies are a magnifying glass on emotions and manage to reach deep and move the listener.

The refinement of the chord progression and the attention to every little nuance make the sound of this band stand out from the crowd.

Absolutely reconfirmed as they always offer quality music.

A & B Sides Vol 1 is Everything But The Everything’s Ep Out Now!


A & B Sides Vol 1 is Everything But The Everything’s Ep | Indie Music

Bay Area music veteran Izzy The Gent has come a long way from playing at his Monterey middle school talent show (performing “Scrape Me” their PG version of Nirvana’s “Rape Me”) to producing alternative new wave post punk out of East Oakland. His current project Everything But The Everything has gone from a one man band to a collaborative. Top tier collaborations from guest vocalists keep the music fresh and the contributions from Moog specialist Andrew Gomez (NRVS LVRS) and drummer Landon Cisneros (Spirit Mother, Zodiac Death Valley) elevate the music’s simple propensities.

All of the music is recorded and mixed by studio producer Rex Shelverton (Bella Vista, Vue) who gives the project its unique sound. After years of promoting house music events, Izzy found his niche promoting rock shows at beloved San Francisco venues like Slims, The Great American Music Hall, The Rickshaw Stop and The Red Devil Lounge. Izzy has played bass guitar with San Francisco bands The Cons, Song of the Siren, The Party Fouls, Fake Your Own Death, Sporting Life but found his home with the indie electro outfit, The Frail. After playing with The Frail from 2010 – Nov. 2014, Izzy took a three year break from music. During his hiatus, the idea of becoming a songwriter began to ruminate.

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