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A Fighting Rooster Attacks Its Owner

Even though cockfighting is illegal in the majority of nations, it still tends to draw audiences. An unpleasant incident happened when an Indian man adorned the rooster’s leg with a three-inch knife. The roster panicked when the man was preparing the rooster for cockfighting. As a result, the Indian man was stabbed to death by his rooster.

A Fighting Rooster Attacks Its Owner

The Associated Press reported that 45 years old Tangulla Satish died after severe blood loss. The rooster continuously stabbed him in his groin with the attached knife.

According to the Associated Press, Satish was one of 16 people who organized the cockfight in the village of Lothunur in the Indian state of Telangana. It is depressing how thousands of roosters are killed each year in cockfights. Despite the animal rights organizations giving their efforts, it continues to draw crowds.

The Animal Rights Activists say this sport is cruel. It is illegal the way people exploit the cock’s innate defense system by pressuring them to compete.

Even more, the cockfighting coaches also equip their birds with a “gaff”- a dagger-like knife attached to the cock’s foot. This way, the coaches try to make the matches more exciting. To make the game stand out, the coaches even pluck the bird’s feather.
In extreme cases, the coaches even drug the cocks with methamphetamines to increase their aggression. Even after winning the matches, they fail to bear the injuries and eventually die.

Though cockfighting is illegal in India, and Supreme Court of India outlawed the sport in the 1960s. It is that sad how cockfighting still is a common thing in many of India’s Southern States.

Moreover, the police told the media that they are searching for more than a dozen suspects. All of them participated in the illegal event on February 22. They will have to face manslaughter, illicit gaming, and hosting cockfights.

As per the local sources, the rooster was taken to a poultry farm for safety. The cock will be presented in court as proof of the cause of death.

People’s reaction to the event is not surprising at all. No one would appreciate such stupid games. Some say they are glad that the rooster took the guy down. The fact is, there are still sensible people on earth who can’t stand any cruelty to animals. Another person wanted the cock to be in Sanctuary for living happily with all the hens. Animal Cruelty should finally end now.

A Fighting Rooster Attacks Its Owner

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