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Drunk Buffaloes Exposed A Contraband Liquor’s Business

A few weeks ago on an Indian farm, three brothers who own the facility were arrested by police for illegal possession of alcohol. Hidden in various parts of the farm, including a water tank, 101 bottles of alcohol, illegally produced at home, were found.

Drunk Buffaloes Exposed A Contraband Liquor’s Business

A mix of vodka, whiskey and other spirits worth around 400 euros. Maybe not a great deal by our standards, but that’s roughly the equivalent of two months of work for an Indian worker. But what do the drunk buffaloes have to do with all this? One of the three brothers noticed that the buffaloes had strange symptoms and he decided to call the veterinarian to visit them.

When buffaloes get drunk they suffer weird hangover.
The veterinarian had noticed that the buffaloes drool considerably, but above all that a strange smell came from the water tank where they drank. At that point the doctor quickly understood what had happened: it was not a disease, but simply a very rare case of buffalo getting drunk.

Drunk Buffaloes Exposed A Contraband Liquor’s Business

The vet called the local police, probably not realizing that by doing so he was suing the owners of the farm. The animals would recover quickly from this colossal hangover. It went less well for the three producers of alcohol, who will now have to deal not only with the fees for the veterinarian but also with justice.

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