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A journey is Richard Green’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Richard Green and his single A journey.

A journey is Richard Green’s Ep

The compositional sophistication of this artist took my breath away.

There is no doubt that we are dealing with a talented and visionary composer.

The thing I liked the most is that his songs are able to stimulate oneiric vision and make beautiful images appear before your eyes.

While listening to his new Ep “A journey” I traveled from the white cliffs of Dover to the great American plains. I was thrilled to see the first snowfall on the Appalachian Mountains and I felt free as spring rain fell lightly on my face.

Richard Green manages, with his music, to bring out deep emotions, and somehow his songs made me feel free as he spoke directly to my heart and my soul.

A complete and mature artist that I suggest to everyone.

A journey is Richard Green’s Ep Out Now!

Mature and Refined!

A journey is Richard Green’s Ep

Richard Green is an Italian musician/guitarist/composer, based in London since 2012. At the age of 12 he starts to study guitar at school. Academy interrupted after few years because he moved to London where he obtained an higher diploma as guitarist and a musicians degree. he made his debut with the single Dark Horses (December 2020), a track that served as the soundtrack of a video to introduce an artistic event in Piacenza. After few months, (August 2021,) he released his first EP, Color and Sound, a collection of 6 very different and original tunes.

His second musical Ep, named “A Journey”, are compositions for piano and strings, he combines typical elements of classical music with more modern sounds, for example Just Different is mainly blues-jazz in Some parts of the composition. This Music Ep has his first great collaboration cause he worked with musician as Irene Veneziano ( finalist At International German Piano Award of Frankfurt-2015 ) and Archimia Strings Quartet( Elisa, Eros Ramazzotti). One of the main features of his music is the vast range of musical styles, this is why is possible to listen electro/dance music as his last single released(Astronaut) or neoclassical music as his last music Ep released, A Journey.

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