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A Man Injects Himself With Magic Mushrooms

The man from Nebraska, suffering from bipolar I type, was not taking his medications, with the subsequent problem of manic and depressive episodes. So the man was looking for a way to reduce opioid use in the home.

A Man Injects Himself With Magic Mushrooms

And that’s why, when he learned about the potential effect of psilocybin, a psychotropic substance contained in so-called magic mushrooms, he decided to test it on himself. This substance is able to treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression in case traditional antidepressant therapies do not work.

However, hallucinogenic mushrooms should be eaten or drunk as an infusion, not injected. This led to a series of symptoms two days after the injection, including nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, blood and jaundice. These were no less the symptoms caused by a liver injury, kidney malfunction and generally an onset of organ collapse.

This happened because the injected mushrooms, which grow in dark places, had started reproducing in the human bloodstream, causing the aforementioned health problems. Then the man was placed in intensive care with a mechanical ventilator to breathe while his blood was filtered for toxins.

A Man Injects Himself With Magic Mushrooms

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