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A Prayer For the Living is Isaiah Singer’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is Isaiah Singer and his single A Prayer For the Living.

A Prayer For the Living is Isaiah Singer’s Single

The rhythmic cadence of this song immediately won me over.

A flow that made me move my head back and forth following the groove.

As soon as I pressed the play button I realized that I was in front of an artist with a great compositional experience. It is something instinctive… when a person has been creating and composing for a long time his musical approach is more mature.

Isaiah Singer is a talented singer-songwriter, his music is inspired by the past but the melody of this song made me think about a mix between the Beatles and Weezer.

A very interesting musical blend that demonstrates the originality of the compositional style of this artist.

The production is very good and the interpretation is impeccable.

Go and listen to A Prayer For the Living is a beautiful song that I recommend to everyone.

A Prayer For the Living is Isaiah Singer’s Single Out Now!

Intense and Refined!

A Prayer For the Living is Isaiah Singer’s Single

Isaiah Singer grew up surrounded by music: he passed the hat at the cable car turnaround at Ghirardelli Square while his father played the concertina on a slack rope; his mother ran the children’s choir. His early projects included solo folk recordings with harmonica and acoustic guitar, attending open mics around the SF Bay Area.

Fast forward to New York in his 20s, where he found himself playing with Genesis P-Orridge in Psychic TV. Later bands included incendiary garage punk rockers Snatch Attack and the chamber-punk trio (sometimes octet) Freedom Haters, who played one of the last shows at CBGB before it fell victim to the ravages of fashion.

Over the past ten years, Singer has been collaborating with composer/violinist Sean Hagerty and the Third Rail Projects theater company on shows including the ground-breaking off-Broadway immersive hit “Then She Fell” and “Ghost Light” at Lincoln Center. Recent sync film credits include “Numbers on the Door” which appears in the experimental film “The Night Garden” presently making the rounds of film festivals with Best Experimental Short Film awards from the Roma, London, Toronto, and Tokyo Film Festivals, to name a few.

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