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A Woman Finds Her Wallet Lost 46 Years Earlier

During the renovation of a theater, a lost wallet was found. Thanks to Facebook, the owner was able to see it again after 4 decades. Inside, photos, concert tickets, and many memories.

Thanks to the power of social media, an American woman managed to find her lost wallet, and she was moved by finding many memories inside it. The story took place in Southern California and stars a woman named Colleen Distin who lost her wallet 46 years ago at the cinema.

The woman at the time says she called the cinema asking if her wallet had been found, but that she had received a negative response and after a few more unsuccessful attempts she had given up on the idea of seeing it again. 46 years pass, and in the meantime, the cinema has become the Majestic Ventura Theater, which underwent renovations during the forced closure caused by the pandemic.

It is precisely the company in charge of the work that discovered, in a hole in the ceiling of the theater, the woman’s red wallet still in good condition. On the Facebook page of the Theater, a photo of the Id card was posted, asking if anyone knew Colleen Distin, and that her wallet with a 1973 concert ticket and a license issued in 1976 had been found in the theater.

It was Coleen herself who replied to the post on Facebook, which has since gone viral, confirming in disbelief that her wallet was hers and that she would come by to collect it in the following days. Inside the wallet there are many memories, starting with a concert ticket for “The Grateful Dead”.

The most important thing that Coleen has found, however, are the photos of her: images that portray her together with her high school classmates, but above all some photographs of her mother. “It was sweet because she passed away a couple of years ago,” Coleen commented during an interview. “My goodness, it’s hard to explain the feeling I felt, a mixture of emotion and happiness”.

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