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Abstraction in the abyss is Moli’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured Artist is Moli and his Single Abstraction in the abyss live at Ferris wheel studios.

Abstraction in the abyss is Moli’s Single | Indie Music

I was very impressed with the music of this artist. A futuristic and refined musical vision that made me travel with my imagination.

It is as if this sound could talk to your unconscious by stimulating oneiric visions.

The richness of the arrangements and the sinuosity of the chord progression make this music stand out from the crowd.

Moli is a great composer who knows music and who has a great compositional experience behind him.
This version of Abstraction in the abyss recorded live at Ferris wheel studios is phenomenal.

The musical understanding among these guys is incredible. The result is an avant-garde, psychedelic sound product.

It looks like Jazz coming from the future. Honestly, I found no flaws in this musical project, which is qualitatively impeccable.

I advise everyone to undertake this musical journey, it will introduce you to parts of your subconscious that you do not yet know.

Abstraction in the abyss is Moli’s Single Out Now!

Unique and Refined!

Abstraction in the abyss is Moli’s Single | Indie Music

Moli is the Moniker of India based Indie Psychedelia Artist Anmol Gupta , Moli usually likes to dwell in an experimental ambient fusion but doesn’t really stick to one genre, believing that the whole notion of segregating music to a genre is not right.

Moli was born on 10th Feb 1999, and started playing the Tabla at the age of 9, further continuing over the years to diversify and play other instruments, professionally giving grade exams in the Drums. Though over the years the process of giving exams didn’t really interest him and he diverged himself into playing other instruments like the keys, saxophone, other percussion instruments, guitar, the bass etc. Moli then went ahead and played with several bands, finding them and playing with already established bands too.

After all, Moli went on to produce his original music and has dwelled into a space of psychedelia, using multiple instruments like analog synths, deep bass lines, vintage drum processing etc. to find his own sound meddling between songwriting and hypnosis. Heavily inspired by Psychedelic Rock/Alternative Music. He wishes to time travel through music, in an alternate dimension of the 70’s. For Moli, it’s all about the analog warmth, the tape, saturation, the jazzy chords and honesty to music. Moli is compiling his Debut album as we read, called “Retrogression Progression” A Film Concept Album.

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