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Aimee Osbourne Ozzy’s Mysterious Daughter

Perhaps not everyone knows that Ozzy Osbourne from the marriage with Sharon has not only had Jack and Kelly. There is another daughter who has always lived in the shadows. Aimee Osbourne.

Jack and Kelly Osbourne became famous for participating in the MTV reality show The Osbournes which put the life of this strange family in the spotlight.

Aimee Osbourne Ozzy’s Mysterious Daughter

Aimee Osbourne had decided not to participate as she thought this grotesque exhibition could damage her musical and acting career. The girl always said that she was embarrassed by her family’s behavior during the show.


In short, this girl has shown that she has a lot of character by refusing easy notoriety.

But who is Aimee Osbourne?

Her full name is Aimee Rachel Osbourne, she was born in London on 2 September 1983 (38 years old), her astrological sign is Virgo, and she is 5 ′ 6 ″ (1.70 cm) tall. She has never married and has always kept her relationships a secret. Her net worth is estimated at around $5 million.

With her brothers, she doesn’t talk much, especially with Kelly. There is no hatred between the two but there is not much understanding as they are very different.

Aimee Osbourne has always carried on her career as a musician and had a few small roles as an actress, but nothing noteworthy.

Born into a family dedicated to Heavy Metal, she decided to take another path by demonstrating once more her rebellious nature.

In 2010 she started recording some songs under the name ARO which are the initials of her name. The musical genre is Synth Pop with influences by Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Massive Attack.

Aimee Osbourne Ozzy's Mysterious Daughter

I have to admit that I really liked the atmosphere created by her music. These notes seem to reflect the rebellious but sweet soul of this girl who must be a very sensitive creature.

Aimee Osbourne is miraculously alive in fact in May 2022 the studio where she was recording burned down and killed her friend, the producer, Nathan Avery Edwards. She escaped death aided by another friend, rapper Jamal Rajad.

This artist has managed over the years to create an aura of mystery around her. Her shyness and closeness to the outside world have created a lot of curiosity in people.

Being the children of famous people is not always a privilege … many times the world becomes a prison without bars.

Aimee Osbourne Ozzy’s Mysterious Daughter

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