Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Aliens Will Attend The Milano Cortina 2026 Olympics Winter Games
Aliens Will Attend The Milano Cortina 2026 Olympics Winter Games

Edgar Allan Poets have just participated in the making of a video trailer for the promotion of the 2026 Winter Olympics Milan Cortina.

You may wonder what a band has to do with a sporting event.

Chris Mariotti leader of the band is originally from Cortina d’Ampezzo and besides composing the songs of Edgar Allan Poets he is also a video maker. Chris has always been fascinated by astronomy and science fiction and this summer he had an idea for a short film.

Inspired by the famous film Contact (1997) starring Jodie Foster, he started from the speed of the propagation of sound waves to create this concept.

The election of Milan Cortina as hosts of the 2026 Winter Olympics was made in 2019. Those sound waves are still traveling in space and assuming that someone would pick them up in 2025, those words would have covered a distance of about 64,901,088 Km.

A small distance for the size of the universe but very large for us.

Let’s assume that an alien ship picks up this signal and they are able to decipher it, what would happen?
Would these life forms be good or bad? They would simply be passionate about sports or are they interested in knowing more about this event for some shady purpose?

This short film tells how it all began but then the continuation will probably be developed into a tv series.
In the meantime, enjoy this trailer and be ready for the next episodes.

The video has as its soundtrack the song The G.O.A.T which you can listen to here: Download It Here

The short movie was directed and edited by Chris Mariotti and the music and sound design were also done by Chris.

A special thanks to all the actors who participated:

Angelo Bigontina
Giovanni Camerini
Laura Callegari
Giorgio Gaspari Làšta
Marta Casera
Laura Fantuzzi
Giovannangelo Mariotti
Adelma Mariotti
Petra Casera
Sebastiano Corsi
Matilda Dave
Alberto Ghedina
Gabriella Tarzi
Mattia Cillis
Mirko Cillis

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