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All I Really Want is Urban Walrus’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Urban Walrus in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

All I Really Want is Urban Walrus’ Single

The rhythmic cadence of this song made me think of Pink by Aerosmith.

A tune that manages to free your mind from bad thoughts and that makes you hope for a better future.

Urban Walrus’ compositional style had already impressed me the first time I heard his music. A sound inspired by the legendary artists of the past, the Beatles and David Bowie come to mind for the sophistication of the musical arrangements.

This artist proves to have an excellent knowledge of music and an enviable compositional experience.

Of ‘All I Really Want’ I particularly appreciated the choirs and the delicate melody accompanied by an interesting and articulated chord progression.

Again, I recommend everyone to listen to Urban Walrus’ music, you will be surprised by the quality of his songs.

All I Really Want is Urban Walrus’ Single Out Now!


All I Really Want is Urban Walrus’ Single

All I Really Want” is a relaxed and fluffy laid-back indie-rock Song in the typical Walrus style.
A rich, catchy tune with some surprising chord progressions and a bittersweet, redeeming chorus.

The lyrics follow a “what if” pattern, questioning our very being, our goals and values in life. The answer is given instantly by offering a naive hippie-kinda beach-life utopia, as a romantic escape. Close your eyes and dive into it. Can you feel it? Don’t you want to be a Walrus too?”

Urban Walrus Self-proclaimed as the «probably most boring band in the world», is based in Zurich and was formed in 2022 by Swiss/German Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fabian Koerber.

Find Urban Walrus Here:


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