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Alter Ego is Paul McCann’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I’ve been following Paul McCann’s artistic path for some time and today I’m happy to listen to his entire album titled Alter Ego.

Alter Ego is Paul McCann’s Album Out Now

By listening to this artist’s full album you are able to savor and understand his full artistic vision.

I listened to Alter Ego several times to fully immerse myself in Paul McCann’s musical universe.

The musical arrangements have continuous references to the past and are so well thought out that they look like pearls scattered on the bottom of the sea.

Alter Ego offers energetic moments such as Where Has the Music Gone or The Voice of Reason alternating with more introspective songs such as Out of the Blue or Weight of the Bow.

This artist offers a complete experience that stimulates different emotions in the listener.

The new single Something Has Changed is a catchy song with a strong rhythm and an articulate melody that made me think of the Beatles and the Foo Fighters mixed together. A brave comparison but which, in my opinion, describes the mood of this tune.

Alter Ego is a solid album composed by a very talented artist.

Alter Ego is Paul McCann’s Album Out Now!


Alter Ego is Paul McCann’s Album Out Now

Following 2018’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Here Comes the Rapture’, Paul McCann is unleashing the follow-up second album titled ‘Alter Ego’. For this album, Paul took a very different approach to both the writing and the recording processes. Lyrically, Paul chronicled his grief, following the sudden death of his father in late 2018. The themes of the songs include love, reflection, confusion, anger and the whirlwind of emotions experienced by McCann during this time.

Of the album’s creative process, McCann said:

Writing these songs acted as a type of therapy for me during a very difficult time. When you hear the album, you can hear a lot of different emotions and feelings seeping through. It is the most personal and exposed my songwriting has ever been. Some of it wasn’t exactly easy to write or record, but certainly did help me come out the other side with some shred of sanity remaining“.

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