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Amazon Employees Forced To Pee In a Bottle

Amazon employees sometimes forced to pee in plastic bottles in order not to waste time on deliveries. It seemed a legend, a cinematic fiction like the one told by director Ken Loach in his latest film “Sorry we missed you”.

Amazon Employees Forced To Pee In a Bottle


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Instead, it’s true and after months of denying it, the company now admits it. “We know that our drivers can and do have problems finding toilets due to traffic or off-road traffic and this was particularly common during the Covid pandemic when many public toilets were closed,” is the company’s confession.

An admission that comes after a controversy raised by a tweet from a Democratic member of the US Chamber, Mark Pocan. “Paying your employees $ 15 an hour doesn’t make you a cutting-edge job – he said to the e-commerce giant – if you then force your employees to pee in plastic bottles.”

The company initially denied it, but then several American media reported numerous statements from employees testifying to the existence of this practice.

The company was then forced to turn around: “We owe Pocan an apology,” they said.

Amazon Employees Forced To Pee In a Bottle

The problem with Amazon’s drivers is “long-standing” and “affects the whole sector”, said the company, adding: “We would like to solve the problem. We do not know how, but we will look for solutions“.

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