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American Horror Stories Premieres July 15!

American Horror Story 10 season is almost here. This is the official response of the production of the TV series conceived by Ryan Murphy. To date, the show, one of the most followed of the American cable network FX, was scheduled until season 9 but now we finally know that the new season 10 will begin. Keep yourself free on July 15th.

American Horror Stories Premieres July 15!

But during the Television Critics Association last year, in which previews were given on American Horror Story Apocalypse including the return of Jessica Lange, the news of the renewal arrived.

Ryan Murphy originally announced that the filming of American Horror Story 10 would begin in the summer of 2020. Coronavirus, as we know, however, has disrupted production plans and perhaps also affected the new theme of the tenth season.

In December 2020, Lily Rabe, during an interview in which she was questioned about her latest television experience in The Undoing, anticipated that she would return to the set of American Horror Story 10. Perhaps the actress was referring rather to the first readings of the new scripts, or perhaps the appointment has suffered another postponement due to Covid. In any case, the production of the series did not hit the first take before February 2021, continuing to shoot at least until the beginning of March.

Filming took place in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where a few beach houses were rented as a location. Among the first scenes, there will be that of a dead deer recovered from a jeep, as well as a sequence shot in a dead end.

The tenth and final cycle of episodes of the series will be called Double Feature, and as announced by the short and disturbing clip, we will therefore see two different stories.

American Horror Stories Premieres July 15!

The first will have to do with water (as has been rumored for some time), while the second will not. How the two stories will develop, if connected to each other, in parallel or separately, perhaps in two different parts of the same season, is not known. On the other hand, the video ends with an enigmatic… More To Come.

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