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Amy Lee My Immortal Superstar

One of the rock superstars we like the most is definitely Amy Lee from Evanescence.

A very talented girl who has not been overwhelmed by the success and who has always kept her head on her shoulders.

Amy Lee My Immortal Superstar

A “normal” rock star, not an alien landed on earth. A very talented artist who has given the world beautiful songs.

Amy Lee has a very long career behind her, she founded Evanescence with guitarist Ben Moody in 1995 and since that day a gothic star has established itself in the panorama of world music.

Amy Lee, 40 years old, was born on 13 December 1981 in Riverside (Ca), and her life has not always been easy. One of her sisters, Bonnie, died very young and this tragedy influenced many of her songs.

She is THE gothic star par excellence and although the audience to whom her music is addressed are people who like the dark and the occult in her music there is no trace of satanism, in fact, she has always declared herself a proud Christian. She specified also that Evanescence is not a Christian band.

The fact that she has never played with Beelzebub to promote her music adds even more value to her artistic vision.

Amy Lee loves gothic make-up and Victorian-styled clothing, She designs many of her dresses, but even though she winks at her abyss, she never falls into it.

Her strong personality has made her make very risky decisions throughout her career. She sued her Label Wind-up records for unpaid royalties of $1.5m. Her marriage to Seether’s leader lasted from 2003 to 2005 before she divorced him for his numerous addictions. She wrote a song about him “Call Me When You’re Sober“.

In 2007 she married her current husband Josh Hartzler with whom she had a son Jack Lion Hartzler. The singer has also been away from the scene for 5 years to devote time to the family.

Her attitude to always be a “normal” person despite great success, makes her one of the most loved gothic rock stars.

Amy Lee My Immortal Superstar

We Edgar Allan Poets have always had great respect for this artist and we think our genre is similar to that of Evanescence.

Here is a gothic song you might like, Crow Girl.

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