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April’s Gonna Rain is Robbie Rapids’ Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,

Robbie Rapids are back with April’s Gonna Rain are you ready for this intense ride?

April’s Gonna Rain is Robbie Rapids’ Single | Indie Music

This music awakened in me a peculiar spirit, rock and rebellious and perhaps even self-destructive.

As I was listening to the intriguing melody of this song I imagined myself dancing in a New York bar one of those nights you will never see. Those nights that pass quickly and you find yourself in the next day without knowing how you got there.

Robbie Rapids manage with their music to touch particular emotions and excite the listener.

Their compositional style knows no barriers and this allows them to have a complete and mature artistic vision.

The nostalgic atmosphere of April’s Gonna Rain is nostalgic and intense and this music manages to create the gray, humidity and smell that you feel on rainy days.

A beautiful song that I recommend everyone to go and listen.

April’s Gonna Rain is Robbie Rapids’ Single Out Now!

Intense and Nostalgic!

April’s Gonna Rain is Robbie Rapids’ Single | Indie Music

3rd release from Robbie Rapids. This song is more of an upbeat funk rock song.
“April’s Gonna Rain” was written about a co-worker Robbie had a crush on from years back who was engaged to be married. Maybe she had cold feet or lots of emotional issues, either way she entrusted Robbie with all her drama.

The song evolved into April (the women) who’s emotional issues will make the clouds rain. April the name means to “open up” – a time of young beauty (opening of young flower buds and renewal). The old saying “April showers bring May flowers”. The song sure talks about showers, flooding the town, and even thunderstorms at the end. It was written and performed by Robbie Rapids and David Levene.

Robbie’s favorite thing about the song is the guitar solo. It was done by David playing a guitar through an autowah pedal, or so he claims. Robbie thinks he was speaking a native language where “Jib Jib Jow” means April’s gonna rain.

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