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Arethusa is Herald K’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Herald K. I was fascinated by his music and the single Arethusa gave me an intense moment of music.

Arethusa is Herald K’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The low vocal timbre of this artist immediately struck me. A perfect voice for telling stories.

It’s amazing how Herald K‘s compositional style brings with it the atmosphere of the land where he was born. In his melodies, I heard Norway mixed with America.

Norwegians are known in the music world for inventing Norwegian Black Metal but Herald K may be the inventor of Norwegian Noir Folk.

His music made me think of artists like Johnny Cash although, as already said in his compositional style, there are some nuances that make this music unique.

The production is excellent. Essential but where each element is wisely inserted to support the lyrics.

The sounds are real and exude sincerity, which is necessary for this genre of music.

An artist to follow carefully as he offers quality music.

Arethusa is Herald K’s single Out Now!


Arethusa is Herald K’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Born in Bergen, Norway, into a family of sailors, he soon set out for other shores, and has since lived in England, Sweden and Austria. His current centre of gravity: Vienna.

While his lyrics may allude to ancient poets, they’re often conveyed trough a simple 3-chord composition. Traces of Americana are there, yet it has a European feel too. If Leonard Cohen is an influence, Hank Williams and Ovid would have to be mentioned also. Herald K’s uniqueness is his way of combining sources of inspiration such as these.

His debut album, ‘Strange Delights’ was released with Lindo Records (Vienna) in 2019. Ten new songs will be released as an album titled ‘Mythologies’ in autumn 2022. Various musicians from and around Vienna contribute on these recordings, most prominently Stephan Steiner (Hotel Palindrone, Harlequin’s Glance, Cantlon).

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