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Artist Tattoos Classical Sculptures

What we just wouldn’t expect is to see classic sculptures, such as the Venus de Milo, covered in tattoos. But rest assured this is not vandalism, but real art creations. Work of the Italian sculptor Fabio Viale.

Viale is capable of giving marble any shape and he creates provocative pieces of art with a look to the past but making them extremely contemporary. Classic beauties are transformed through contemporary symbolism recalled by tattoos into beauties of our days. Works capable of arousing astonishment and probably also dissension, created by a very talented artist.

But as Viale himself says:

“to be successful in the contemporary scene, talent is not enough, you have to be tough and courageous with a great need to stand out.”

And with his classic sculptures covered in tattoos, cheeky and irreverent, Viale seems to us a cool rock artist.

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