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As We Float is Joe Kirby’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Joe Kirby and his new single As We Float. I found this artist on Spotify and his music made me dream.

As We Float is Joe Kirby’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Are you ready for a unique and unrepeatable sound experience?

As soon as I hit the play button and the piano arpeggio began to caress my ears, I immediately began to fly with my imagination.

Each note of the piano sounded like a drop of rain falling into a lake and the strings sounded like the wind that moves the weeping willows.

Joe Kirby is a great musician and composer and his music makes the listener dream.

His new single As We Float is therapeutic because in such a stressful period for the world it manages to give a few minutes of serenity.

The musical arrangements are very well thought out and the attention to every detail is maniacal and refined.

A beautiful discovery that I recommend to everyone.

As We Float is Joe Kirby’s Single Out Now!


As We Float is Joe Kirby’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Joe Kirby’s interest in composition began whilst studying in Brighton, England, where he mastered his craft before taking his ear around the outback of Australia in an effort to discover new textures and atmospheres to implement into his music.  These memories and thoughts were compiled into a selection of his recent releases, which have been widely acclaimed by the production and pianist communities alike.

Since these releases Joe has spent some time writing for Television and film, with his music appearing on BBC 1, ITV 1 and being used frequently during BBC sounds mixes. Joe’s expertise and sound has recently led to him being picked up by Universal Music Group’s “Abbey Road Masters”, where he is writing and performing music, recorded in London’s historic Abbey Road Studios.

Along with Joe’s musicianship comes his keen eye for the visual side of his work – accompanying each release with a beautifully shot and cleverly crafted video. The intertwining of Joe’s musical and visual abilities is what truly sets him apart from other composers.

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